Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Chokolatta

1.- Hello:
We, at Chokolatta, are happy that you have chosen us. When we refer to “us” or “Chokolatta” is because we (ourselves) are the ones who manage the Chokolatta site.

2.- During this time with us:
We kindly remind you that you are agreeing to follow the rules described in these terms and conditions, therefore we recommend you to read it carefully, in order to understand clearly.

3.- Taxes and Shipping Costs:

A.- Tax: All prices available on Chokolatta website include VAT.
B.- Shipping Cost: Our prices do not include shipping. The shipping cost is 5 USD within US borders. We offer free shipping on orders over 100 USD.

Terms of Purchase:

4.- Refund:
If you have any questions in regards to a refund, it’s important to take note of our reimbursement conditions of our products and services as described below:

5.- Refund Conditions:
You can ask Chokolatta for a refund after 10 working days of having carried out the purchase or requested a service. There will be a refund if the product purchased thru our system is damaged or has not been received. However, PayPal has its own reimbursement policies, if the product is not received or if it’s different as described on our site.

6.- Items with incorrect prices or incorrect description:
Despite our efforts, some of our products might have incorrect prices or information.

If this happens, we could cancel or return the transaction, even when the transaction has been completed. We will do our best to refund you the money as soon as possible, and it may be available depending on your financial entity.

7.- Chokolatta has not obligation to refund or cancel a transaction in the following scenarios:

A.- If the customer had changed its original decision about the product.

B.- If the customer bought a product or service by mistake.

8.- If you have any questions about the “Chokolatta terms and conditions” please feel free to contact us.

9.- Returns:
For returns, please follow these steps:

9.1.- Contact us via email
* E-mail to: support@chokolatta.biz

9.2.- Send the product back to:
255 1/2 S Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills CA 90212